The year 2021 marks 9th anniversary of the"MISS GRAND INTERNATIONAL" Pageant.


The MISS GRAND INTERNATIONAL ® Pageant is one of the most prestigious events of its kind and millions of people from around the world will be watching the final competition. You are going to have a memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Be assured that we will do everything possible to make your participation in the pageant the most rewarding and enjoyable experience.


Miss Grand International 2021



16          November           Arrival Date  And  Registere

17           November           Orientation

18           November         Welcome Ceremony & Press Conference

19 - 20    November         Activities and Sightseeing  Phuket

21           November         Best in Swimsuit Competition

22 - 23    November         Rehearsal 

24           November         Activities 

25           November         Interview 

26           November         Activities and Sightseeing Phang-nga    

27           November         Rehearsal  

28           November         Rehearsal  /  Departure To  Bangkok

30           November         National Costume Competition

1             December         Rehearsal

2             December         Preliminary Competition

3             December         Rehearsal  /  Run through

4             December         Final Show



The final night of the competition in which the delegates with the highest scores from the interview, activities, and preliminary competitions to be judged in advance (top 20 semi-finalists) and the delegates will be chosen to top 10 finalists and top 5 finalists respectively, and the new Miss Grand International is chosen according to rules and procedures determined by the Miss Grand International Organization in its sole discretion.


During the telecast, the following special awards (cash and trophy awarded) will be given out according to rules and procedures determined by the Miss Grand International Organization.


1. Best National Costume

2. Best in Swimsuit

3. Best in Evening Gown

4. Best Social Media

5. Miss Popular Vote Award