Dominican Republic


Jearmanda Ramos



my name is Jearmanda Ramos, I am 25 years old. I consider myself a person with very defined values ​​and a defender of human rights from an early age. I have always loved discussing political issues in addition to contributing to the growth and development of tourism in my country. For this reason, I dedicate myself completely to the roots of tourist areas in my country and For the growth of my country i think the education is the key. Since 2015 I have started with a personal and charitable project, with the purpose of educating orphaned children in different areas such as mental health, teamwork, oral health, women’s health, among others. I love being in constant personal and professional growth and every step I take I take into account that it will be a great learning experience.


My path in beauty pageants began in my teens. My family wanted me to take personal refinement classes to be more feminine and since then I have discovered that it is a very beautiful world. Beauty contests have helped me to forge myself, more than a competition with 74 candidates I could say that it is a competition with the best version of myself that in the end ended up being better every day. It is a very special feeling and is part of my development as a woman.


If I had to express my abilities, I would divide it into different stages: in psychological abilities I tended to study the behavior of people without making an effort. Certain attitudes and body language say a lot about others. I am very attentive to details and pay attention to my surroundings. I like sports, especially horseback riding, volleyball, basketball and swimming, I consider that without disciplines that have contributed my way of being, and also art, I consider beauty pageants to be part of this.


For me, beauty without a brain is decorative and obsolete. From an early age I have worried that my beauty is only a complement to my wisdom. I have always cared to contribute something as a person and citizen, with social work with my education programs JUNTOS in Dominican Republic , political speeches on different issues and that my voice is part of the change. As for beauty, it has always been important for me to eat a balanced diet, have a good appearance and feel beautiful and pretty in my own skin.

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