About MGI

Miss Grand International Public Company Limited has broken all the rules of the beauty pageant industry by creating the Beauty Pageant Platform for the highest growth and growing popularity rapidly through organizing the Miss Grand International (MGI) beauty pageant. The pageant was founded by Thai people to show the potential of Thailand until it has become a beauty pageant that people look forward to watching, waiting for, and has received the highest feedback. Even today, we’ve celebrated the achievements of the MGI’s 10th Anniversary with dignity. Throughout the decade, we have created Soft Power to enhance the Miss Grand International (MGI) beauty pageant to be the ultimate stage of the world beauty pageant. We are the number one beauty pageant that compiles unique beauty pageant platforms with uniqueness and identity. As can be seen, it is the center of creativity, fun and full entertainment that has totally closed all the epics of old history of the beauty industry and made new history and delivered GRAND EXPERIENCES to all over the world. Thus, we can make the Miss Grand International (MGI) beauty pageant reach a wide range of people quickly with the slogan “From now on, all areas are GRAND” with a unique distinctiveness “WE ARE GRAND THE 1 AND ONLY.”


Miss Grand International (MGI) beauty pageant is a unique beauty pageant searching for beautiful women who are ready to work with perfection in all 3 B’s elements: Body, Beauty and Brain. They should be complete with Skill Set and all- round abilities and be able to show the potential of being a modern woman who must be beautiful, skillful and smart so that they can be an icon for women around the world.


Our platform provides equal opportunities for all women by opening spaces for the contestants to perform their talents, providing opportunities for everyone to participate in all sectors as much as possible. It has also resulted in employment during the pageant. Organizers are awakened in organizing events and expanding their businesses in their own countries, including makeup artists or hair stylists to have a platform to showcase their potential and work. There is also space to present their work through ideas and creativity towards national costumes, short evening dresses, long evening dresses, and also extending to employment and providing opportunities to work for the mentoring or chaperone team and many other teams involved in the beauty pageant enabling us to achieve the mission of being a leader in upgrading the world beauty industry.


Miss Grand International is an international beauty pageant that promotes the knowledge and understanding of mankind to campaign to stop war and violence. We’ve tried to be the voice of peace in the world. Each year we try to send out a message to give love and peace to the world through the transmission of speeches from the beautiful top 10 finalists at the Final Show of the Miss Grand International beauty pageant every year and each year when there is a chance, the winner holding the title of Miss Grand International must travel to continue the mission of resistance and stop war and violence in all forms according to our pageant’s “Stop the War and Violence” campaign.


The Lady Torch

The Lady Torch

Flame of Peace

The lady facing straight means she is ready to move forward to complete her duties and advocacy for bringing PEACE following our concept “Stop The War and Violence”

Facing Front >> Moving Forward

From the shoulder up to top ribbon, it represents the Flame of Peace imprinted with the abbreviation of Miss Grand International ‘MGI’ which completely expresses peace brought to the mankind through the Flame of MGI following the concept ‘Stop the War and Violence’ which is our motto.

The Body

The Logo of a lady body holding up the torch stick represents willfulness of supporting the Flame of Peace. The design of the body represents feminine exquisite beauty. In addition, the lithe lady body standing confidently with arms akimbo along with a crown on the head symbolizes the Beauty Queen.

The Title

The title represent the strength, grandness and magnificence of the beauty pageant which all countries will replace their country name over world ‘INTERNATIONAL’ At International Stage, which all countries are united, the title holder of Miss Grand International will be internationally reputed with infinite potential. Therefore, the pageant title ‘Miss Grand International’ means all countries in the entire world merging as ONE to create peace through ‘Stop the War and Violence’ campaign.

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